Carbon Laser Peel

Carbon Laser Peel Treatment in Chandigarh

Want to get rid of open pores, skin congestion, acne, and premature aging lines? Visit now at Dr. Ishaa Junejaaa Aesthetics to get a glowing skin with the amazing carbon laser peel treatment in Chandigarh.

Carbon laser peel is an advanced laser technique, a 2-step minimally invasive technique involving the use of carbon lotion and 1064nm, Q-switched laser to achieve instant skin glow and clear, rejuvenated skin.

Why is it done?
Carbon laser peel targets the majority of skin woes:

  • Premature aging signs like fine lines and wrinkles
  • Rough skin
  • Loss of skin’s integrity and radiance
  • Dilated skin pores or open/large pores
  • Acne, acne scars, and post-acne discoloration
  • Hyperpigmentation issues
  • Uneven skin tone or dull skin
  • Dehydrated skin
  • Sun-damaged skin
  • Less firm skin.

Suitable Candidates for Carbon Laser Peel Treatment

  • Men and women who wish to improve their skin appearance without going under the knife.
  • Healthy adults with reasonable expectations from the outcome of the treatment and have a positive outlook. 

To determine your candidacy for carbon laser treatment in Chandigarh, schedule a visit with the best skin experts at Dr. Ishaa Junejaaa Aesthetics.

Pre-Treatment Instructions

  • Follow a good skin care regimen based on your needs and skin type for approximately two weeks beforehand to achieve the safest and most effective treatment possible.
  • Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen of SPF 30+ and wear sun-protective clothing to sun protect the skin to be treated and avoid long and frequent direct sun or UV exposure. 
  • Inform the therapist of any active skin allergies or infections and current intake of medications.  

Carbon Laser Peel Procedure

Before starting with the treatment, both the candidate and the skincare practitioner wear an eye protective shield. The practitioner may mark the areas to be treated after properly cleaning them and click photographs of the treatment area to be later compared with after-treatment results and also document the changes seen in the candidate following the treatment.

The procedure commences with the practitioner applying a thin layer of activated liquid carbon/ charcoal to the area to be treated in an upward manner and evenly spreading it. Once the carbon gets dried, usually after 10 minutes, the practitioner proceeds with the laser treatment.

The practitioner uses a Q-switched Nd: YAG laser at different wavelength settings. A 1064nm laser is used to gently peel off the mask without any pain or discomfort. A smoke evaporator is attached to the laser device to remove the carbon along with impurities from the skin. In the end, the practitioner applies skin-soothing ointment all over the treatment site.

To get the benefits of this amazing carbon laser treatment in Chandigarh pay a visit now at Dr. Ishaa Junejaaa Aesthetics.

Caron Laser Peel Procedure

Result and Recovery

Immediately after receiving the first carbon laser peel session, the candidate can see the instant brightening of their skin and their skin feeling considerably soft, smooth, and renewed within 1-2 weeks. The results continue to progress during the following treatment sessions. There is even a marked reduction of the open/ large pores, less sebum production, and an improved appearance of blemishes or active acne. Moreover, the skin tone gets evenly toned, no more congested, and not discolored/pigmented due to several reasons including inflammation, sun damage, acne, hormonal fluctuations, and reactions to certain medications/illnesses. Gradually, the complexion gets cleaner and refreshing as new collagen and elastin production takes place. 

With results starting to appear just after the first treatment session, there is minimal to zero downtime after undergoing a Carbon Laser Peel treatment. For the first 3 days following the treatment, the candidate can expect to experience slight skin sensitivity and possible skin dryness or mild flaking of the skin in the initial 4-5 days. The candidates can resume their usual daily routine right away.  

This is also an amazing skin glow treatment for brides and grooms as it is safe and helps add a glowing glow to the skin.

Post-Treatment Instructions

  • Be committed to following a healthy lifestyle including certain skincare to ensure the best, desired results. 
  • Sun-protect the skin until the treated skin properly heals and even thereafter to prevent sun damage to the new skin. 
  • Keep the skin well-hydrated by drinking plenty of water daily and even moisturizing with appropriate moisturizers. Do not use reti-nol-based products. 
  • Avoid using any skin abrasives or exfoliating the skin. 
  • Use collagen-stimulating or collagen-based products. 
  • Wash the treated site gently with a gentle cleanser and cold or lukewarm water and do not use scrubs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it hurt to undergo carbon laser peel treatment?

No. Carbon laser peel treatment is painless but it's normal for the candidate to experience a slight tingling sensation or little warmth on the skin when the laser light is delivered into the skin to zap away the carbon particles.

How does it work?

Human skin can be subjected to many environmental factors like pollution, dust, and sun as well as internal factors like unhealthy lifestyle which makes the skin appear dull, dehydrated, rough, pigmented, acne-prone, prematurely aged and unevenly toned.

After the charcoal mask is applied and massaged onto the skin, the carbon reaches deeper skin layers, as it gets dried. While the carbon dries, it attracts dead skin cells, excess skin oils, and skin impurities from clogged skin pores. Next, the laser is used to heat up and explode the contaminated carbon into carbon particles. These broken carbon particles along with their bonded impurities, dead skin cells, and skin oil are then cleared from the targeted areas of the skin to reveal smooth, refreshing, clear, soft skin with minimized pores. The laser light damages the inner walls of the pores. 
Simultaneously, the laser heats the skin's dermal layers to boost collagen and elastin growth. This plumps the skin, restores its firmness, reduces its pore size, and improves its texture, which is not otherwise possible by only laser treatment.

How many carbon laser peel sessions will I need to achieve my desired results?

Following after every 2-3 weeks, carbon laser peel treatment is recommended to be repeated 2-6 times. The number of sessions or longevity of the treatment course depends upon the severity of the concern being addressed and desired results. This initial treatment course can provide superior results and within the time frame set between the treatments, collagen, and elastin of skin tissues get regenerated. After this, the candidate is recommended for maintenance sessions to ensure there are desired skin improvements noticed for the long term.

Are there any side effects of using carbon laser peel?

Carbon laser peel is an exceptionally safe skin glow procedure and has no major complications. However, the candidates can still expect to experience minimal side effects such as slight tingling sensations and redness for a few hours following the treatment. The body or facial hair covering the treatment site may be temporarily removed and some candidates might face a mild outbreak a week following the treatment.

If worried about the safety of the treatment, carbon laser peel is safe to approach. To ensure the safety of the treatment, a skin test is always performed before using carbon laser peel to check for the skin’s reaction.

What are the contraindications for carbon laser peel treatment?

Carbon laser peel treatment is not recommended for pregnant women, or breastfeeding mothers. Anyone considering carbon laser peel treatment but at the same time suffering from any medical condition or illnesses that could interfere with the desired results can consult a therapist to get treated and then go ahead with the treatment of their skin condition or concern.

How long does a carbon laser peel last?

Typically, the effects of the carbon laser peel stay for about 2-3 weeks. The time frame to continue seeing the effects of the carbon laser peel treatment depends upon each client’s unique skin type and problem and even the skincare regime followed by them. For instance, pores can get clogged again if improper skincare products are used prior to the treatment. If the candidates get exposed to the sun, have open pores, or have acne scars, they would need another carbon laser peel treatment soon.

Is carbon laser peel effective?

Carbon laser peels are highly effective for evening out skin tone and are the most sought-after treatment among those who would prefer a slower laser approach with minimal or zero downtime rather than more aggressive laser treatments or any other skin treatments.

How much does carbon laser peel treatment cost?

The price of the carbon laser peel treatment course depends upon the expertise and locality of the service provider, the number of treatment sessions, and the type and severity of the skin concern.

On what body part can I undergo carbon laser peel treatment?

As the skin covers the entire human body and skin problems can affect any site of the body, you can use a carbon laser peel on any affected body part. Carbon laser peel treatment in Chandigarh is widely used by individuals to get rid of these issues. Mostly, the face, arms, neck, buttocks, knees, and back are treated with carbon laser peels.

For more information on the cost of carbon laser treatment, consult now with the skin professionals at Dr. Ishaa Junejaaa Aesthetics, a leading skin clinic in Chandigarh.

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