Under Eye Rejuvenation

Under-Eye Rejuvenation Treatment in Chandigarh

Gift your under eye area with a youthful glow with under-eye rejuvenation treatment in Chandigarh offered at Dr. Ishaa Junejaa Aesthetics.

The skin of the under-eye region is one of the thinnest, most transparent, and most delicate skins on the body and is even dry because of a lack of sufficient oil glands. That’s why it has great susceptibility to wear and tear resulting from allergies, sun exposure, inadequate sleep, and aging. Across different age groups, especially among middle-aged people, aging of the periorbital region is a common problem. 

But, the good news is, many under-eye rejuvenation procedures offered at Dr. Ishaa Junejaa Aesthetics, skin clinic in Chandigarh can help make the eyes alive and youthful-looking back again. These provide subtle, highly-effective changes in the appearance of the eyes which helps people become more confident. 

Why there is a Need for Under-Eye Rejuvenation?

The eyes are one of the most prominent facial features whose appearance adds to the aesthetic value of the face. When one is communicating with others, eyes do a lot of talking even if words do not come out of one’s mouth. Eyes are the window to the soul, through them, people can express themselves. However, when eyes start to appear lifeless or aged, it’s a worrisome concern for most people. Under-eye bags and hollowness can make people look tired and older. 

Hence, eye rejuvenation has gained immense popularity over the years. It is done to address the following concerns:

  • Under-eye bags 
  • Dull and tired skin around the eyes
  • Under-eye hollowing
  • Fine lines and wrinkles surrounding the eyes (the crow’s feet)
  • Tear troughs- deep creases formed in between the lower eyelid and upper cheeks that can cast dark shadows beneath the eyes and result in tired, older-looking eyes
  • Thinning under-eye skin 
  • Dark circles beneath the eyes or hyperpigmentation of the under-eye skin 
  • Dynamic creases formed around the eyes
  • Folds of skin surrounding the eyes as a result of loss of skin volume 
  • Loss of skin elasticity around the eyes
  • More fat bulges in the orbital areas under the eyes.

To manage all these under eye area issues, consult now with the best cosmetologist in Chandigarh at Dr. Ishaa Junejaa Aesthetics.

Why there is a Need for Under-Eye Rejuvenation?

Some In-Office Cosmetic Procedures To Rejuvenate Under-Eye

Those who are not much satisfied with the appearance of their under-eye area, no longer have to be worried, as skin expert at Dr. Ishaa Junejaa Aesthetics offer several state-of-the-art rejuvenation treatments to make eyes look younger and refreshing without going under the knife or using other invasive techniques.

Here are the best minimally-invasive options for under-eye rejuvenation worth trying:

  • Chemical peels
    Chemical peels are acidic solutions that when applied onto the skin can help exfoliate it, stripping out the outer damaged skin layers. The eye peels can be used to safely and effectively brighten dark circles, reduce under-eye puffiness, and remove fine lines and brown spots appearing around the eyes. The most common peel best for the under-eye area is glycolic acid- a superficial peel. These peels need to be applied repeatedly after every few weeks to enjoy improvements in the appearance of the under-eye skin.   
  • Soft tissue fillers
    Soft tissue fillers aka Dermal fillers are injectable substances that are administered into the skin to help plump the skin, smoothen wrinkles, restore lost volume, and provide subtle lift to the mild sagging skin. The most commonly used fillers for liquid eyelift are Hyaluronic acid-based fillers containing a naturally-derived, gel-like compound that helps in keeping the skin well-hydrated, firm, and plump. When they are precisely injected into the under-eye region they can help fill the under-eye hollows, brighten the under-eye skin, and provide a younger and less fatigued-looking under-eye area without much delay. They can even reduce the depth of tear troughs and thus are ideally recommended for mild to moderate sagging of the under-eye skin. Their effects usually last anywhere between 6 months to a year. There is a need for repeated treatments with filler to notice desired results and to maintain them. 
  • Thread Lift
    Smooth, thin PDO (Polydioxanone) mono threads which are biocompatible, medical-grade, and absorbable can be used to rejuvenate the under-eye skin. The procedure involves the placement of multiple threads in a mesh-like fashion with the help of a thin needle to remove the sagging and creepiness beneath the eyes. It causes controlled and sustained stimulation of the skin to boost collagen remodeling usually over 6-8 weeks until the threads get completely dissolved by the body. As a result, the under-eye skin naturally gets replenished from within to reduce the appearance of fine lines and reveal smoother, firmer, younger-looking skin. To prevent long-term under-eye aging, 3-6 treatments are usually needed at intervals of 6-8 weeks. This treatment can be done in adjunct with other under-eye rejuvenation treatments like mesotherapy, tear trough fillers, and anti-wrinkle injections to get more desirable improvements of the under-eye skin. 
  • Growth Factor Fibrin Matrix injections
    It is an advanced therapy that utilizes the natural growth factors released from the patient’s blood via centrifugation. When the effective growth factors are injected into the under-eye area, it helps promote the repair of damaged tissues, encourages tissue regeneration, boosts the production of collagen and elastin fibers, and even creates new blood vessels (angiogenesis). Thus, the growth factors help reverse the telltale signs of aging of the under-eye skin. It helps provide visible improvement in the under-eye pigmentation, skin texture, skin firmness, skin thickness, and subtle subnormal value. Multiple injections are required to be provided after every few weeks to get the desired results. 
  • RF micro needling
    Microneedling is a collagen-inducing technique that when combined with radiofrequency energy and carried out in the under-eye region can help smoothen fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and treat under-eye bags. Microneedling is done to create micro-injuries in the skin and radiofrequency helps heat the skin dermis both of which stimulate collagen and elastin production in the targeted site which thereby improves skin quality- making the skin firmer, supple, plump, and refreshing.  
  • Anti-Wrinkle Injections
    Anti-wrinkle injections contain a anti-aging protein, derived from the bacterium, which can help remove dynamic wrinkles formed around the eyes by paralyzing the hyperactive underlying eye muscles. They work by blocking some chemical signals sent from the brain to the muscles to trigger their contractions. They can help treat under-eye wrinkles or crow’s feet, under-eye bags, or dark circles. The procedure involves injecting the units into the lower eyelid via a small needle. The effect of these injections lasts for 3-4 months. 
  • Mesotherapy
    Mesotherapy is another effective under-eye treatment to help people with tired-looking eyes receive new lease of life. The treatment features injections- small thin needles, filled with various nutrients, enzymes, botanical extracts, and other skin-nourishing ingredients to improve every aspect of the skin. They help boost blood circulation, reduce inflammation, and promote skin rejuvenation. The result is hydrated, firm, radiant skin. To enjoy the best results from this therapy, the procedure must be performed about 10 times after every 2 weeks for the initial three months and afterwards every month for three months. For maintaining the results, the treatment can be done after every 2-3 or 6 months.   
  • CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing
    CO2 lasers can be used to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and discoloration underneath the eyes. They are ablative lasers that cause the removal of the superficial damaged under-eye skin layers. The treatment involves the use of infrared light passed through a carbon dioxide-filled tube. It works by creating thermal injuries to the skin to prompt new collagen production. They can provide quick and long-lasting results, however, to enjoy the desired results, the treatment must be performed in multiple sessions. 

For more information on eye rejuvenation treatment cost in Chandigarh, consult the expert cosmetologist at Dr. Ishaa Junjaa Aesthetics.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Select the Appropriate Eye Cream For Dark Circles?

Genetics is one of the primary causes of dark circles, which cannot be completely eliminated but can be managed.
Lack of sleep, excessive screen time, poor dietary habits, stress, and anemia are also causes of dark circles. The accumulation of blood vessels may also impart a bluish or bluish-black hue to the area, making it appear darker. Under-eye hollows and sunken eyes can contribute to the darkness of the area.

According to experts, vitamin C, niacin-amide, reti-nol, hydro-quinone, and hyaluronic acid are all effective treatments for dark circles. If tolerated, an eye cream containing reti-nol increases cell turnover and collagen formation, which helps to strengthen skin and diminish fine lines.

What are the Effective Home Remedies for Preventing Dark Circles?

Utilize a cold compress

  • A cold compress may reduce swelling and constrict dilated blood vessels, diminishing the appearance of puffiness and dark circles. 
  • Wrap ice cubes in a clean washcloth and place it over your eyes. 
  • Soak a washcloth in cold water and apply it to the area beneath your eyes for twenty minutes to achieve the same effect. 
  • One can also utilize facial rollers or ice balls.

Stay hydrated

  • Make an effort to consume additional water. 
  • Additional hydrating beverages include milk, tea, and fruit juices. 
  • Fruit and vegetable consumption increases total fluid intake.
  • There are a variety of eye creams available on the market. Moisturizing and smoothing the skin around the eyes may help reduce the appearance of dark circles.

Sleep better

  • Getting enough sleep may also help reduce the appearance of dark circles. 
  • A lack of sleep may cause your skin to appear pale, highlighting your dark circles.

Drenched Tea Bags

  • Tea's caffeine and antioxidants can increase blood flow, constrict blood vessels, and reduce fluid accumulation beneath the skin. 
  • Soak two black or green tea bags in boiling water for five minutes, then refrigerate for fifteen to twenty minutes. 
  • Ten to twenty minutes later, remove the tea bags and rinse the eyes with cool water.

To get the benefits of best and advanced treatment for dark circles in Chandigarh visit now at Dr. Ishaa Junejaa Aesthetics.

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